Will This Be On The Test?

Written By Erin Avery
Certified Educational Planner

Many students wonder whether or not attending your top college choice’s pre-college summer program will heighten your chances of admission? While no college will put this in writing, the benefit to spending four to eight weeks on the college campus of your dreams will enable you to better understand not only the layout and logistics of the campus but perhaps more importantly from an admissions perspective, it will help you to better understand the mission and values of that college, as well as the type of student who would constitute the best fit for the college (and whether or not you are that student!) For colleges such as The University of Pennsylvania that require students to write about a faculty member of their choosing in a supplemental essay for the Common Application, taking a course and building a rapport of mutual respect and trust with a faculty member could be an asset to one’s application, especially should that professor be so moved as to contact the admissions office on your behalf.

Rigorously academic colleges when reviewing applicants look closely at summer experiences. When reviewing academic summer experiences, they prefer to see courses taken that carry college credit with a significant time commitment (two months gets you more points than two weeks.) So consider summer an investment into your future, whether through work experience, internships, summer programs or even athletic camps on college campuses for those student-athletes that are being actively recruited. The Avery Advantage is to concentrate on what will make you the most interesting YOU you can be.  Authenticity should be your aim.


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