Social Media and College Students

Written By Erin Avery
Certified Educational Planner


Here are three ways college students can utilize Social Media for resources, building relationships/connections, and staying up-to-date with friends.

1. Information is always available:
The library use to be the only way a college student could properly study or research for papers. But today we are seeing less and less Library stamped cards, and more downloaded applications. Social Media offers information to students right at their fingertips from all over the world, constantly.

2. Connections:
For college students, social media is almost second nature, and these days it is not uncommon for students to build relationships with potential future employers through their different social media platforms. It is actually common in interviews for employers to ask if the interviewee writes a blog.  All of the social media knowledge is an added benefit to college students today.

3. Stay Connected:
Social Media allows students to stay connected,  stay involved, keep up to date with relevant news, and be interactive with friends online. After graduation, students can further their bonds through different stages of life.


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