What is an Independent Educational Consultant and why might I seek one?
Independent Educational Consultants are not employed by a school, and are thus “independent”. Consultants work one-on-one with a student and get to know their strengths, obstacles, gifts and talents often more thoroughly than a guidance counselor with myriad students. (The national average ratio of students to guidance counselors is 400:1) Independent consultants are well-versed in the many niches of colleges, boarding schools, LD, and rehabilitative programs.

How will working with a consultant help me as a parent?
Independent Educational Consultants help to defray the sometimes adversarial nature of an already stressful search and application process by working as a conduit with the student and parents/guardians. This “third party” brings an unbiased, encouraging perspective breaking down the daunting application process into a series of meetings and assignments that make the process manageable and less stressful for all involved. Independent Educational Consultants are knowledgeable about the trends in admission in these highly competitive and financially precarious times and work to demystify the application process, channeling otherwise wasted anxiety into productivity.

Is your Independent Educational Consultant a Professional Member of the I.E.C.A.?
If so, she has visited 75 colleges, schools or programs (depending on her specialty) in the past three years, has a Master’s degree or higher, has been recommended by three other professionals in the education and admissions field, and meets all ethical practice requirement of the Independent Educational Consultant Association.


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