Should you include a resume in your college applications?

Some professionals in the field will argue, “No, students don’t have a resume, they are students!” However, in the context of vying for admittance to an institution that may not require a resume, or bragsheet (industry jargon), do you want to omit it and risk being “compared” to the prior application that did include one? … Continue reading

Foreign languages, “It’s all Greek to me”

Written By Erin Avery Certified Educational Planner Many students wonder what colleges prefer to see on a transcript regarding foreign language: one language taken for all four years and possibly maxing out the high school’s course offering, or fulfilling most high schools’ two-year requirement and perhaps starting another language. College admissions officers clearly prefer three … Continue reading

Best-Fit Decisions

Written By Erin Avery Certified Educational Planner Let’s manage expectations here.  Consider this your (and your mom’s) wake up call.  College-bound high school students and parents are obliged to read the following and then discuss these eight characteristics of college fit. This WILL appear on the test. Reality Check An A in the 9th grade … Continue reading

Congrats to Erin Avery

Congratulations to Erin Avery, who was just notified by the Board of Commissioners that she has passed the CEP exam and has earned the designation of Certified Educational Planner, making Avery the youngest Certified Educational Planner to achieve this merit. There are only 178 Certified Educational Planners world-wide. To read the entire press release, click here! Avery Educational Resources, LLC … Continue reading