Erin Avery is an identity guru with teenagers.  She helped my son to self-reflect and draw out brilliant insights for his college essays.  Her peace and patience is palpable.
Parent, Class of 2010

Working with Erin Avery during my college application process was instrumental in my gaining acceptance to several top schools. Not only did she provide insightful feedback on my essays, keep me organized throughout the entire process and help me articulate my “story” in an advantageous way, Ms. Avery also showed me how to make my unique voice shine throughout my entire application, giving me a significant advantage over other applicants. Ms. Avery’s knowledge about the application process and her continued moral support, from the moment we started working together to the days when my acceptance letters arrived, was not only beyond what I ever expected, but a testament to her caring and nurturing character. Working with Ms. Avery was one of the most enjoyable and helpful experiences of my years in high school and I highly recommend her to any student who is applying to schools.
RFH Senior, Class of 2009

At the end of my seventh grade year, I was interested in pursuing a boarding school education. The entire process seemed rather daunting. Ms. Avery helped guide me through the boarding school process. With her help, I felt confident with the quality of my applications and well prepared for my campus interviews. My experience with Ms. Avery proved to be rewarding and positive for many reasons, but especially because I was admitted to all of my top-choice schools.
Graduate, Class of 2009

Before I met Erin I was very apprehensive of the college application process.  I didn’t know what colleges I was interested in applying to and was overwhelmed with my choices.  Erin helped me to make a list of compatible schools as well as worked with me on my essay from brainstorming at the beginning to editing everything I completed.  She made me realize hobbies and interests that I was overlooking that were very valuable to my character.  I was uncomfortable talking about my abilities without feeling like I was bragging, but Erin showed me how to write them on paper tactfully without feeling egotistical. Her friendly advice helped me to remain calm and confident throughout the journey.  I was really happy at the college I chose and truly wouldn’t have been able to do it and really grow throughout the process without Erin!
RFH Senior, Class of 2004

Ms. Avery’s summer Application Crash Course for college helped me gear up for the busy admission process in the fall.  Not only did I brainstorm ideas for my essay earlier than most students, but with Erin’s guidance, I was able to use a life experience and incorporate it into a powerful college essay.
RBC Senior, Class of 2009

Throughout my meetings with Erin I found her extremely supportive and uniquely qualified to help with the daunting college search process!
RFH Senior, Class of 2009

If anyone can make the college application process seem effortless it is Erin Avery. Her summer Crash Course class helped prepare me to write college essays and her continuing guidance throughout the process helped me make the right decisions and enabled me to find the best fit for me.
RFH Senior, Class of 2009

Many thanks to Erin for all the work she did with our daughter.  She was the stabilizing force during this whole process!  Our daughter has totally enjoyed working with Erin Avery and appreciates all the helpful information and support she provided.  What a relief to get the big list out of the way! I also plan to work with Erin in reference to my son who is currently a freshman.  Though we came to work with Avery Educational Resources in the eleventh hour, we have learned that starting early is key! Our son will be lucky enough to work with her in a less condensed timeframe!!
Parent, Colts Neck HS Class of 2009 & 2012

Having Erin help us through the college admissions journey was, without question, one of the smartest decisions we could have made. Erin organized all of my son’s applications and knows exactly what schools are looking for in a certain type of student. She was a great help to my son, especially when guiding him through his essay writing process. Erin makes you feel very comfortable and makes a sometimes nerve-wracking, overwhelming experience much easier to handle. One of the comforts I have when my daughter is ready for college is knowing that Erin will be there to help.
Parent, Holmdel HS Class of 2009


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